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Anatolii Shved

Швед Анатолій МиколайовичCompany: 1+1 Media

Position: Head of Technical Support for News


Anatolii Shved has been working in the media industry for more than 25 years.

Anatolii began his television career on a regional TV channel, where he also had several years experience of working as anchorperson in an author’s project. Then he created his own production and for almost 8 years he was engaged in the production of television advertising and advertising content for the regional markets of Ukraine.

In 2004, by invitation, he moved to Kiev, where he immediately joined the construction of the channel “NTN”, which by that time had just started broadcasting. There he headed all of the channel’s own production in the context of technical production.

Anatolii joined the team of 1+1 media in 2008, heading the department of technical support of news, and soon office.

Today, Anatolii heads the team from set designers and lighting agents, to editing directors and producing directors, whose work is seen daily by viewers from all over the country.

During his work, a new television center was built, and the migration of channels into it was carried out without interrupting production and the airs. It was also under his leadership that the technology of additional 3D reality was introduced in the news channel “1+1”.

His biggest acquisition is his own technical news management team – a creative, dedicated team, which makes it possible to quickly move forward into the technological future, helping journalists to tell interesting stories and programs to have advanced technical support

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