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Maksym Sukhenko

Photo_Максим Сухенко

Company: 1+1 Media

Position: Head of information and investigation programs group of the journalism projects department


He graduated from the Institute of Journalism of the National Taras Shevchenko University with a degree in television journalism. After the second year, he went to the working practice at the TIA «Okna» of Nikolai Kanishevsky, where I stayed to work as a reporter for the «Vesti» news program and the «Week Vesti with Nikolai Kanishevsky».

For several years, he went to STB TV channel, a reporter for the VIKNA-Novini program, where, in addition to social and political journalism, he began to master military journalism, highlighting the activities of Ukrainian peacekeepers in hot spots: South Lebanon, Iraq, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Liberia.

Then he was a political columnist for the UTN and Vesti Week with Nikolai Kanishevsky programs on the UT-1 Channel. He worked as editor-in-chief and presenter of the «News» program of the social TV channel «KRT». Later he headed the ORT office in Ukraine.

From there he went to the 1+1 TV channel, and worked as the correspondent of «TSN» and «TSN Tizhden».

During the reporting work he received a number of victories in professional competitions, about a ten of state distinctions of awards and medals.

He created and, as editor-in-chief, headed the «Investigations» journalistic investigation program on the 1+  TV channel. During his leadership of the editorial board, the program won the Teletriumf award 7 times in a row as the best investigative journalism program in Ukraine, which until now has not lost a single time in this nomination.

He has also been working as a producer of 1+1 media for more than 5 years, launching a number of entertainment and information programs, documentaries. In particular, «On a horse», «Revenge of nature», «Jedai», tape «Heavenly League». Presenter of the program «The Lost World» on 2+2 TV channel.

At the end of 2017, he became the head of information and investigation programs group of the journalism projects department, leading the programs «Groshi», «Jedai», «Revenge of the Nature», «Shaleni surpass».

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