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Oksana Sokolova

oksana sokolova

Company: TV-channel ICTV

Position: Head of Publicistic Projects Department, Author and Anchor of weekly analytical program Facts of the Week. 100 minutes with Oksana Sokolova, Media expert.

Graduated from the Kiev National University named after T.G. Shevchenko having received a diploma in Journalistic.

Her professional career began at the Cherkasy regional TV-company. During the 20 years Oksana made brilliant carrier starting from the Junior editor of the regional TV-company to the Head of Publicistic Projects Department one of the most influence TV-channel of Ukraine. Since March 2007 she became Honored Journalist of Ukraine.

Oksana Sokolova has been working at ICTV since 2000. First as a reporter, and then as a parliamentary correspondent. By the end of 2001 she became an Anchor of daily news Facts.

In 2004 Oksana left ICTV and took the position of a Press secretary of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. In 2005 returned to ICTV and combined the work in evening news with the Editor-in-chief of the program Freedom of Speech.

Since February 2006 – an Author and Anchor of information analytical weekly program Facts of the week with Oksana Sokolova. By that time the program was 4 times winner of the TV award Teletriumph in the nomination Best final (analytical) program. In 2011 Oksana herself received Teletriumph as a Best Anchor of the Information and Analytical Program. In January 2017 the program updated its format and changed the title to Facts of the week. 100 minutes with Oksana Sokolova.

Working as a TV Anchor Oksana became a new profession of TV producer. Since 2007 till present she have been produced more than 10 projects in original formats – Maximum in Ukraine (2007-2013), Trumps Life (2009–2014), The Fourth Tower (2013-2014) and others.

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