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20 вересня 2018 року

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Igor Koval

Игорь Коваль_ч.б.

Company: Television Industry Committee

Position: Director

In 2018 graduated from Kyiv National Economic University named after V. Hetman and offered Master Degree with “International economic law” specialisation.

Professional lawyer, works in Television Industry Committee since 2009.

For a long time engaged in review and development of legislative initiatives for the proper functioning of the media market and the whole media area.

In 2012 leaded GR department of  Television Industry Committee. Also in his area of responsibility included questions on cooperation with international and partner organizations.

In 2015 holds a post of Director of  Television Industry Committee.

Igor Koval is a member of the working and expert groups created for the development of the television and media area. Besides that, Igor is member of public councils key media authorities, in particular:

  • Member of the jury of the ADAMI Media Prize for Cultural Diversity in Eastern Europe;
  • Organizing Committee of the National Television Award “Teletriumph”;
  • Member of the Public Council of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Freedom of Speech and Information Policy;
  • Member of the Public Council of the National Council of television and Radiobroadcasting of Ukraine;
  • Member of the Public Council of the State Agency of Ukraine for Movie;
  • Member of the Public Council of the State Committee for Television and Radio of Ukraine;
  • Member of the Gender Industry Committee on Advertising
  • Member of the Expert Council on the selection of cinema projects for the provision of state financial support for the production (creation) and distribution of films of patriotic direction at the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine

Systematically participate in the development of a significant number of draft laws and legislation in the media area, in particular, on television and advertising.

Also Igor Koval one of the reformer of the National Television Award “Teletriumf“, supported by Ukrainian Television Academy.

Television Industry Committee – is a professional association of leading TV-channels and media agencies. It represents interests of television industry of Ukraine. The main goal of TIC is to promote the development of TV industry in Ukraine.

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