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Annual international conference Film Business to be held in new format

International conference “Film Business: challenges, features, opportunities” , which traditionally takes place in the course of Kiev Media Week (September 10-13, 2013), this year will be held in new format. As a result of format change, the conference will be more interactive, educational and effective; it will become a platform for communication of the market players, for solving problems and sharing experience. The program of the conference includes workshops, where experts and participants communicate and share their experience. The conference program consists of three main parts. The first one is the Opening Session, which includes expert reports on the situation in the film market of Ukraine, Russia and Europe.

The second part is the Working Session, during which Workshops will be held. Several workshops will be running at the same time in different sections of the conference area. In each of them the invited experts and the participants will work at the round tables, with the maximum involvement of all participants. The third part is the Final Session, during which the participants will evaluate the results, draw conclusions and outline plans for future.

It is worth noting the topics of the Workshops:

Film Financing Workshop:  state support ; national and international funds and access to this funds. Types of financial participation in the film projects: advertisers; TV; private investments – obstacles and profitability; bank lending; crowdfunding; low budget films.

Producers’ Workshop:  the role of producer in film production process; international coproduction.

Legal Workshop: Legal aspects of filmmaking; Insurance of film projects; the role of the producer in organization of film production process; conclusion of a key deal between the parties of coproduction.

Visual effects and computer graphics Workshop: what a producer should know about CG; joint work of producer, director and VFX-supervisor; the use of CG at various stages of the project; pricing; previsualization and budget savings.

These and other important topics of film industry will be addressed at the renewed international conference “Film Business: challenges, features, opportunities» 2013.

Among the speakers of the sixth international conference “Film Business” are Simone Baumann – representative of German films Service and Marketing GmbH for Eastern Europe (Germany), Georgy Malkov  – General Producer at Enjoy movies (Russia), Sergei Grachev – lawyer and managing partner of MGAP Attorneys at Law (Russia / UK); Joel Chapron – Central and Eastern European manager for the promotion of French cinema abroad at UNIFRANCE (France) and others.

The conference program and the list of speakers are available on the website.

Register to participate in the conference “Film Business” and join the film industry professionals.

International conference “Film Business: challenges, features, opportunities” will be held in Kiev on September 11, 2013 in the course of KIEV MEDIA WEEK.

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