Щорічна конференція «Телебачення як Бізнес» – це одноденна концентрація медіабізнесу в одному місці. Провідні телевізійні бренди та найкращі медіаспеціалісти в модерованому потоці дискусій говорять про актуальний контент, фінанси, менеджмент та новітні медіатехнології.

Agenda 2010 Роздрукувати Роздрукувати

9:00-9:30 Morning coffee, registration


9:30-10:50 Part 1

  • Conference Opening
  • Industry regulation and the challenge of legislation

Basic principles of forming relations between television industry and government. The priorities in lobbying of TV interests. Legislative innovations. “Must have” changes in the industry.

  • TV and protection of intellectual property rights

The role of Russian Authors’ Society in the system of collective operation of author’s property rights, peculiarities of relationships with television and radio broadcasting companies and organizations of closed-circuit in using the pieces of work by means of execution, going on the air or in cable, with any technical means in the places with free access to them by a lot of people. Experience of Russian Authors’ Society in resolving controversial situations.

  • Panel Discussion: Media holdings: consolidation or diversity

Economic justification of integration of business processes. Facts from the Ukrainian market, statistics, comparison and analysis.


10:50-11:05 Coffee Break


11:05-12:55 Part 2

  • What’s the consumers up to?

How much do we really know about consumers’ media preferences and behaviors, both now and in future? What’s the consumer is up to? To answer to those questions Deloitte conducted fourth global survey which analyzes the media trends and consumer behavior

  • Foreign countries’ examples of cost effectiveness and new revenue generation during the recession

The crisis of 2008/09 forced commercial broadcasters across Europe to radically review their business models. What strategies were followed for cost savings? What new revenue sources were explored? How did these decisions impact on competition and on the shape of the sector?

  • Niche TV channels as a direct way to premium viewers

Analysis of TV niche channels on the Ukrainian market

  • TV projects monetization on the Internet

What types of TV projects monetization on the Internet exist? The benefits TV channels receive participating in cross-platform entertaining and educational projects?

  • Panel Discussion: The development of TV measurement in Ukraine

Status of TV measurement in 2010. What should we wait for? Measurement of national channels and ones of special interest


12:55-13:25 Coffee Break with sandwiches


13:25-15:05 Part 3

  • TV and Media Management

The world of media is in revolution. Innovation and change are dominating concepts in an environment in which technology develops at tremendous speeds. A new economy of digital media with new players, own value chains and innovative business models is emerging. But this is just the beginning of a new paradigm which exceeds all previous ones with regards to complexity and opportunities: the impacts are so profound that taking the time to understand new business imperatives is the best investment into the future a media entrepreneur can make.

  • Human resources management in the media company

Television is moved by people. The managerial process of human resources such as managers, technicians and creators

  • Panel Discussion: The ideal media education for TV professionals and managers

The discussion about formal and informal education for television professionals. Where are qualified people? How are creative and managerial skills in the media taught?

  • Panel Discussion: TV ads’ sales market in Ukraine

The existing system of market relations of TV advertising sales: media-agency, sales house and channel – who manages the process? Advantages and disadvantages. What changes should be expected


15:05-15:20 Coffee Break


15:20-16:45 Part 4

  • Creating the modern TV product

Mixing entertaining and innovative content, not to be short on transmedia storytelling, the new TV shows tend to connect people to each other, unifying them with simple entertainment and federated programs. In this multitasking era, when we watch TV at the same time as sharing our thoughts on various social networks, channels are deploying new attractive content to mesmerize viewers and appeal to a young audience.

  • Panel Discussion: Developing own production

Pros and cons of development of own production in Ukraine, the secrets of success

  • Format industry in Ukrainian – how to monetize local ideas

Is it possible to create the industry of ideas’ generation with further sales of them in Ukraine? What should we do to automate it?

  • Conference Closing


16:45-17:00 Registration of Format Show attendees


17:00-19:00 Format Show

Screening of new TV formats (separate registration)

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