Щорічна конференція «Телебачення як Бізнес» – це одноденна концентрація медіабізнесу в одному місці. Провідні телевізійні бренди та найкращі медіаспеціалісти в модерованому потоці дискусій говорять про актуальний контент, фінанси, менеджмент та новітні медіатехнології.

Info for speakers Роздрукувати Роздрукувати

Speakers of TV sa Business conference are:

  • leaders in their areas;
  • have extensive practical experience of  the event topic;
  • ready to share their unique knowledge, mistakes and successes with the colleagues;
  • carefully prepared his speech to make it accessible, logical and exciting;
  • do not engage in self-promotion and advertising of the company.

If it’s about you, please fill in the form and send it to e-mail.

Some rules for speakers:

  • Speakers of “Television as Business” conference should provide a presentation of his/her speech in Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt), height and width ratios is 4:3 of slide.
  • You can use your template for presentation or download our (the link will be available later). Prepared presentations will be checked up in advance. Please submit your presentation in time and warn about the video or audio there.
  • You must come no later than 30 minutes before the start of your presentation. You can get a badge on the registration of participants from 9:00 am on the day of the conference. Please do not be late. Also you should immediately notify the coordinator by the phone +380 98 52 98 000  if you are late or can’t make a presentation.
  • Pay attention! Presentation time is 15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions.
  • On your speech you can invite one guest, who necessarily informs the coordinator no later than one week before the conference.

Audio recording of all presentations will be made at the conference. It will be possible to get the next day from the coordinator.

If you have some questions or requests, contact us by e-mail or phone +380 44 353 13 98.

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