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21 вересня 2017 року

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Olexandr Bohutskii

Bohutski_newOlexandr Bohutskii

Position: Director-President of ICTV TV channel, a board member of EastOne investment and consulting company.

He was graduated from the Faculty of International Relations of the Lviv University with the PhD degree. In 1991, he began his career in journalism as the editor of the first independent Ukrainian radio station, Radio Nezalezhnist (Independence Radio). He worked in the press and on television. In 1994, he headed the press center of Tavriiski Ihry (Tavria Games) JSC, and was an unfailing host of the eponymous music festival.

Since 2000, he has been a Director-President of ICTV channel. From November 2009 till March 2012, Olexandr Bohutskii worked as a Head of StarLightMedia Group. In March 2012, he took the position of EastOne board member, where he now implements management strategies of business assets in the business portfolio.

Member of the Ukrainian Television Academy

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