Щорічна конференція «Телебачення як Бізнес» – це одноденна концентрація медіабізнесу в одному місці. Провідні телевізійні бренди та найкращі медіаспеціалісти в модерованому потоці дискусій говорять про актуальний контент, фінанси, менеджмент та новітні медіатехнології.

Speakers 2013 Роздрукувати Роздрукувати


Kateryna Kotenko

Company: Television Industry Committee (Ukraine)

Position: Executive director

Kateryna Kotenko is a professional sociologist; she has graduated from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. She has more than 9 years experience in TV industry.

Television Industry Committee is a professional association of leading TV-channels and media agencies. It represents interests of television industry of Ukraine and cares for its members’ protection. The main goal of TIC is to promote the development of TV industry in Ukraine.



Elena Mironova

Company: Television Industry Committee (Ukraine)

Position: Director of television audience research

Elena responsible for matters related with research and measurement of television audiences in Ukraine. She has 16 years of experience in the advertising market of Ukraine, the last 8 years as director of strategic planning and creative agencies Provid Think McCann Kyiv. She was Director of Research of Media Direction Ukraine.



Volodymyr Manzhosov

Company: National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine

Position: Chairman of the Council

Volodymyr Manzhosov is a Chairman of the National Council since April 2010.

From August 2005 he was a Vice-president of the Broadcasting Company “Ukraine”. In 2005-2010 – Member of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine, in 2001-2005 – Representative of the National Council in Donetsk region. 1998-2001 – Director General to the Ltd “Publishing Commercial Concern “Prince”, Donetsk. October 1996 – December 1997 – Deputy Chief of the Central Administrative Board, then Chief of the Information Policy Department of the Donetsk Regional State Administration. From February 1996 – Chief Specialist of the Donetsk Regional State Administration and the Representative of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine in Donetsk on a voluntary basis. 1991-1996 – Director of the Department , then Deputy Director General and Director General of the insurance company “Slaviya – Donetsk”. 1990-1991 – Consultant to the Donetsk Regional Committee of the Communist Parties of Ukraine. 1988-1990 – Instructor of Kyiv District Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine. December 1987-1988 – Teacher of history, Donetsk.

Graduated from the State University of Donetsk.



Elena Martynova

Company: UMH group

Position: Marketing Director

Over 20 years in media business Elena  grew up from   TV reporter to senior media manager. In UMH group, second largest media company in Ukraine and the fifteenth-largest media companies in CIS, she is responsible for strategic marketing and communications.

UMH group’s portfolio includes more than 50 brands, including Forbes, Vogue, Korrespondent, Telenedelya (one of the top-ten media brands in Russia), i.ua, bigmir.net, football.ua, Retro FM, Nashe Radio, Europa Plus, AIF in Ukraine, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine.

Graduated “psychology” in Kharkov State University. Elena has a daughter Sophia.



Aleksandr Bohutskiy

Company: ICTV TV-channel

Position: Director-President

Graduated the Geological Faculty of the Lviv University with honors and postgraduate studies at the same institution.

In 1991, Alexander Bogutskiy worked as an editor on the first independent Ukrainian radio station “Radio” Independence . “Was co-founder of the newspaper “Express” , has collaborated with publications “Town Hall” and “Post- progress.”

In 1994 , he headed the press center of JSC “Tavria Games” was and remains unchanged for the lead of the festival , which today is considered as one of the most successful and popular in the country. He worked on television projects for TK “Mist” (Lviv ), TC “Golden Gate” (Kiev), First National , was the leading current affairs program “Current Camera” (channel STB ) .

Since 2000 – the general director of the channel ICTV. Since then, just a few months the channel that was hopelessly in last place in the rankings and needed immediate resuscitation, went to the fourth step of popularity. The key to this progress, Alexander believes team -minded professionals, which afford to implement the most sophisticated television projects . Over the years the canal was not only the respect of viewers, but also official recognition – ICTV is a multiple winner of the All-Ukrainian and professional competitions, the government has numerous differences.



Fyodor Ogarkov

Company: Media Group Ukraine

Position: General Director

Fyodor Ogarkov was appointed ‘Media Group Ukraine’  General Director in June 2012.

Since 2006 Executive Director, and since 2009 General Director of ‘Pronto-Moscow’ media holding company. 2004 to 2006: General Director of Kampomos. Between 2002 and 2004: CEO of Rusagro, between 1999 and 2002: General Director of Borjomi Waters. 1997 to 1999: Director for Sales inRussiaat Polaroid. Between 1993 and 1997: Regional Manager at Wrigley.

Fyodor Ogarkov is a graduate of Leningrad State University, Faculty of Philology.



Yegor Benkendorf

Company: Inter TV-channel

Position: Chairman of the Board

He graduated in 1996 from Kiev State Institute of Culture (specialty – ” the director of the theater group “), in 2002 – in the course of camera skill Internews Ukraine . Since 1997, Egor started work on the TV channel ” Inter” from the position of administrator. A year later became the chief administrator of the channel , and later served as executive producer, the director of «Inter Media Production», producer of documentary films studio ‘ 07 Production “, the deputy director of the studio” Pirate Production . ” During his time on the TV channel ” Inter” Yegor Benkedorf made ​​more than 200 reports of hot spots . Was the author and producer of more than 90 television projects , including a series of programs “In the Line of Fire,”the show” Shans.Model.ua”, “Sheykanemo” cultural- historical project “Great Ukrainians ” information- analytical program “Freedom Savik Shuster”, “Freedom on Inter “. In 2007, engaged in the movies. Produced such films as “Christmas tree , rabbit, parrot” “Seven days before the wedding ,” “Don Juan’s Confession ,” “The Tale of a woman and a man. “In 2008 he ran for mayor of Kiev. In March 2010, Yegor Benkendorf was appointed Director General of the National Television Company of Ukraine. February 14, 2013 meeting of the shareholders of TV channel ” Inter” approved Yegor Benkendorf head of government , “Inter”.

Yegor Benkendorf – Winner of Ivan Franko in information activities, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine. He was awarded the Order “For merits” III degree award “Golden Pen”.



Oleg Pavlenko

Company: Inter Media Group

Position: Commercial Director

Advertising activity started in Moscow in 1993.

Since 1996 he is the commercial director of the Inter Media Group.



Valeriy Varenitsa

Company: 1+1 media

Position: Commercial Director

Valeriy Varenitsa working as a commercial director of media 1 1 October 2012.

In 1992 he graduated from the Kiev State University journalism.

His career began corresponding in the newspaper “Delo”.

By Valeriy considered one of the pioneers of Ukrainian advertising market. In 1993 he opened one of the first advertising agencies in Kyiv – “Reputation-Complex”. Then worked for three years in the American education program, which dealt with the introduction of the idea of ​​privatization of the population, which launched the campaign “Hope, born of the property.” On the basis of the educational program in 1995, opened an office agency Burson-Marstelle in Ukraine, which was headed by Valeriy media department.

In 1996 he returned to his own business, and in 2001 the license holding company WPP agency opened Maximiz. In 2007, the Agency entered into a network Mindshare, which led to his Valeriy transition in 1+1 media.

Hobbies: golf, beach soccer.



Roman Tyshkovskiy

Company: Odgers Berndtson (Russia)

Position: Partner, Head of Media & Sport Practices

Roman Tyshkovskiy is a Partner in the Moscow office of Odgers Berndtson where he heads the media and advertising practice. He is responsible for assignments in TV, radio, printed media, internet and new media. He also heads Sport Practice.

Participates in individual senior managers and senior team assessments. Is a certified expert in Senior Management assessment approach Human Asset Review®

Prior to joining company Roman ran a media practice in a niche HR consultancy.

Roman graduated from Moscow State University of Statistics and IT and holds a PhD in Economics.



Ivetta Delikatnaya

Company: Atlantic Group

Position: a leader of TALENTari Corporate University

Since 1995 in marketing communications: Provid / BBDO, Talan Communications, Talan Group, Proximity Russia

2007-2012 – Chief Talent Officer of AGL, a leader of TALENTari Corporate University

Board member of AGL. International Development Director of AGL

Ph.D., Kyiv Institute of International Relationship

A laureate of the Award  “Trail in advertising”

Founder of Ukrainian Association of Public Relationship (UAPR) and International Association of Marketing Initiatives (IAMI)

Board Member of All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition

Singularity University ambassador



Anna Barannik

Company: 1+1 media

Position: Human Resources Director

Anna Barannik is work at 1+1 media on the position of Human Resources Director since July 2010. Responsible for the development and the implementation of strategies for the staff of all the assets of the group.

She graduated Kiev National Linguistic University as a “practical English and psychology.” Anna certified coach and consultant in the organization, received a diploma Wiesbaden Academy of Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP, Germany) in 2010.

In the area of ​​personnel management she has over 8 years. Previously, she was head of “Training, Leadership and Organizational Development” in the telecommunications company Nokia Siemens Networks, where she was responsible for the development and implementation of projects in the North of Europe (18 countries).

Anna has experience in conducting internal corporate training sessions on topics: leadership, management tools, personal effectiveness, talent management, employee engagement, management by objectives, evaluation of 360, career development.

Her main professional achievement is the creation of an effective HR-team and the role of the HR-withdrawal service to strategic level.



Irina Konstantinovskaya

Company: Media Group Ukraine

Position: Director of Human Resources Department

Irina Konstantinovskaya was appointed ‘Media Group Ukraine’ Director for Personnel Management in September 2011.

2008 to 2011: Director for Personnel at Nemiroff Managing Company.

2007 to 2008: Director for Personnel at Sanofi-Aventis Group.

2005 to 2007: Personnel Manager at Radisson SAS Hotel chain.

Irina is a graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Vinnytsia State University of Pedagogy and the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School under HRM program.



Aliona Motovilova

Company: Novy TV-channel

Position: Human Resources Director

Graduated the Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University, specialty “management development regions.”

From 2004 to 2006 – an expert on staff mobile operator “MTS”.

In 2007, she was Deputy Director of Human Resources of the insurance company “Kniazha”.

From 2007 to 2008 – HR-Business Partner at “life :) Ukraine.”

From 2008 to 2009 – Head of the Department of Human Resources in the “life :) Belarus.”

In 2009-2011 worked as an expert on change management, an expert on the development and training in “life :) Ukraine.”

From September 2012 – Director of the Department of Human Resources New Channel.


Tatiana Pushnova

Company: 1+1 TV-channel

Position: Chief editor of TSN

She works at 1+1 since 2010. During this time she reshaped the night edition of Television News Service (TSN), created the first Ukrainian TV tabloid “TSN.Osoblive” and leads the editorial office of TSN since 2011.

Universal Soldier of Ukrainian TV news. For 10 years she worked in television news editor, leaving every hour and a marathon mode (the events of autumn 2004, the parliamentary elections and the parliamentary crisis in 2006, marathons dedicated to extreme events), to broadcast a talk show “Maidan with Danylo Janevski” worked as a reporter, in particular covered the military conflict in Georgia in August 2008, and participated in the creation and released the news on TVi TV-channel.



Robert Opalenik

Company: 1+1 TV-channel

Position: Chief Editor TSN.Tyzhden

Robert Opalenik – generator of ideas in the final Sunday edition of “TSN.Tizhden”, and his chief-editor and one of the most experienced journalists and analysts.

At “1+1″ Robert works since 2000. He started a special correspondent for TSN, and then worked as managing editor of news. With 2004go, the Chief Editor of the final current affairs program. And for three years, Robert Opalenik chief editor of “TSN. Tyzhden “with leading Alla Mazur. Winner of many awards program “TSN.Tizhden” this year received both 3 higher industry awards “Triumph”: as the best information and analytical program, the best presenter current affairs program and best reporter.

Behind Robert has extensive newspaper practice and creation of a private regional TV channel “M-Studio” in Transcarpathia.



Igor Zolotarevsky

Company: TV channel “Ukraine”

Position: Director of Information Broadcasting Department

Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism.

His career in media industry began in 1998. He was a news producer in a television agency, a senior manager of the international department and the project manager of international version of Channel One (ORT, Russia), general producer of 24DOK channel and of ArtMedia Group Company.

In 2010 Media Group Ukraine invited Igor as a consultant in informational broadcasting.

In 2011 he was appointed the Director of Information Broadcasting Department of television channel “Ukraine”.



Aleksand Pylypets

Company: Inter TV-channel

Position: Deputy Director for creative issues – the head of editorial information and analytical programs of “National Information Systems”

Graduated Nijinsky State Pedagogical Institute by Gogol, russian language and literature.

He began career in the media industry in October 1996 on Inter TV-channel in the position of the special correspondent of the Information.

From September 1997 he was appointed as the chief specialist of the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In September 2000, Aleksandr returned to the Inter TV-channel, where he was managing editor of the Information and Analytical Services and host of the “Narodna Platforma”.

The author and presenter of “Ukrainskoe Izmerenie” (UT-1).

From July 2006 – head of the studio information, analytical and political programs NTN TV-channel.

Since February 2007 – chief Editor TV and Radio Company “GLASS “, later editor of TV-channel “Ukraine”, which created the program “Kritichnaya tochka”.

In September 2009 – was appointed to the position of deputy director for creative issues – the head of editorial information and analytical program “National Information System” (Inter TV-channel).

Honored Journalist of Ukraine.



Andrey Partyka

Company: StarLight Sales and StarLight Brand Content

Position: CEO

In television advertising from 2000.

Andrey has two daughters. His main hobby outside of work is music.



Eugenia Blyznyuk

Company: StarLight Sales

Position: Director of Strategic Marketing

Evgeniya is headed the analytical group at the largest television sales house of Ukraine. Key areas of work: monitoring and forecasting of the situation on TV market, the dynamics studying of goods sales that are advertised on TV, the effectiveness analysis of TV advertising.



Andrew Andrushchenko

Company: media, marketing and digital agency Initiative

Position: Managing Director

Experience in the media business – from 1998, Andrew works in ADV Group Ukraine from 2003.

Andrew has worked with clients such as Audi, Austrian Airlines, Coca-Cola, Colgate, DANONE, Dirol-Cadbury, Fujitsu, Indesit Co, Kyivstar, L’Oreal, Mercedes, OTP Bank, Peugeot, Quick Step, Red Bull, Samsung, SUN InBev, Tchibo, Unilever, Varta, etc.



Dmytro Lisitskiy

Company: United Online Ventures (bigmir.nettochka.neti.ua)

Position: CEO

Since September 2012 Dmytro is CEO of United Online Ventures, also since August 2012 he is the Vice-President of UMH group on Internet business and new media.

From June 2009 to August 2012 he worked at Group 1+1 as Commercial Director. He was responsible for revenue of media resources of the Group.

Dmytro got master’s degree in applied mathematics at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and BA in Finance at the Institute of Management and Finance and London Business School.

He started his career as a media researcher, then as a media planner. Also he was engaged in new business in Publicis Groupe. In 2002-2004 he headed the media communications agency Starcom.

Professional experience of Dmytro is also linked to IT field. In 2009 Dmytro became president of association IT-Ukraine and has the status of mentor of incubator Growthup. He is a developer of innovative technology input on mobile devices Thickbuttons and founder of Startup Crash Test – an event where startups face reality.

As a part of Group 1+1 team, Dmytro was one of the developers of innovative for media market Internet application Redbutton which helps to calculate the budget and efficiency of advertising campaign.



Olga Gavrilova

Company: Media Group Ukraine

Position: Director for Business Development

Olga Gavrilova was appointed ‘Media Group Ukraine’ Director for Business Development in February 2012. Before joining the ‘Media Group Ukraine’ LLC team, Olga had over 10 years of experience working on business development at Russian and foreign companies. 2009 to 2011: Director for Revenue Management at Avianova LLC, a Russian air carrier. 2003 to 2006: consultant at Moscow Representative Office of Boston Consulting Group. In 2005-2006: Manager for Development of International Business at Campofrio Group (Madrid, Spain). Olga has graduated with excellence from the Faculty of Corporate Economics and Management, Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Olga has received a PhD degree in Economics at the StateUniversity – Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia). Olga also holds an INSEAD (an international business school in Paris, France) diploma under ‘Finance for Managers’ program.



Maksym Lavrynovych

Company: Lavrynovych & Partners

Position: Managing Partner

Maksym Lavrynovych is highly regarded as a practitioner in IP, arbitration and litigation, corporate and M&A matters, local and international taxation. He is the author of numerous publications, editorial and analytical articles on business protection in Ukraine.

Maksym holds a Master of International Law degree. Prior to founding Lavrynovych & Partners, Maksym practiced law in several top-tier international law firms, advising a wide range of Fortune 500 companies as well as Ukrainian companies. In 2001, Maksym joined the Tax & Legal Department of Andersen (Arthur Andersen) and continued working at Ernst & Young (EY Law) after the two companies merged in Ukraine. He maintained a leading role at Ernst & Young, coordinating a diverse portfolio of clients, and while managing the work of the Legal Department – was responsible for a large number of complex transactions involving corporate, banking and finance law.

Having established Lavrynovych & Partners Law Firm in 2004, Maksym Lavrynovych has made the Firm one of the leaders in the legal consulting market of Ukraine. The Firm has worked intensively to build up an IP practice. The dynamic team was recommended by World Trademark Review 1000 2013 for its pragmatism and responsiveness, as well as for its fresh thinking on IP matters and tailored client service.



Oleksandr Baranovsky

Company: ADV Group Ukraine

Position: Executive Vice President for Media Services

More than 10 years of experience of leading work in media.

Since 2010 — Executive Vice President for Media Services ADV Group Ukraine.

Since 2007 — Executive director of ADV Group Ukraine and Regional director of ADV Group Ukraine.

2005-2007 — Head of financial department on work with the regions of the Publishing house the “Komsomolska Pravda” and executive director of the Publishing house “Soviet sport”.



Iryna Andryushchenko

Company: StarLightMedia Group

Position: Director of development

With honors graduated from the Faculty of marketing KNEU (Masters).

On the media market since 1995.She chairs the marketing department “Blitz-Inform” publishing (the newspaper “Business” magazine “Natalie”). Since 1998 – led the commercial service, “MK in Ukraine” (JSC “Diorama”), then the commercial and marketing departments of the newspaper “Business Capital” (ID “Cartel”).

Since 2005, she held the position of General Director of the publishing house “Expert Ukraine”, then she was the first vice-president of the holding company “Media Invest Group” (“Expert”, “Economic News”, “The status», LQ).

Since 2008 – CEO of The Marker, a member of the Board of Directors UAPP.

Since 2011 – Managing Director of STB TV-channel.

From July 2012 – Director of Development StarLightMedia Group.



Vadim Osadchiy

Company: 1+1 media

Position: Head of Internet projects Department, CEO UNIAN news agency

Vadim Osadchiy works at 1+1 media, holding positions of Head of Internet projects since November 2008 and CEO of UNIAN news agency since February 2012. He is responsible for the coordination and strategy of online activities of the group.

Vadim graduated from Taras Shevchenko National Shevchenko University (political science) Odessa National Law Academy (Law).

He began his career in politics. Since 2000 he worked as assistant to deputy of Ukraine, afterwards occupying various positions at the Yabloko Party Secretariat. In 2004 he became director of Internet holding “Obozrevatel”.



Vladimir Iling

Company: NGO Ukrainian Anti-Piracy Association

Position: Chairman of the Asociation

Until 2000 – served in the Internal Affairs

Since 2004 – Director of the company “IFPI Secretariat” in Ukraine

Since 2007 Vladimir is chairman of the NGO “Ukrainian Anti-Piracy Association”

Protection from illegal demonstration and use of the Internet works companies: “B&H”, “B&H Classic Films”, “Gemini”, “Ukrainian Film Distribution”, “Kinomania”, “Galleon movie”, “Volga – Ukraine”, “Cascade Ukraine”, as well as the studios, “Paramount”, ” Wagon”, “Sony Pictures”, “Walt Disney”, “20th Century Fox”, “Warner Brothers”



Maksym Lazebnyk

Company: All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition

Position: CEO

Maksym Lazebnyk, CEO of All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, producer and head of organizing committee of Kyiv International Advertising Festival, Effie Awards Ukraine, ADC*UA, AdEater’s Night in Ukraine, chief editor for Sostav.ua, national representative of international advertising festivals (EPICA, Golden Drum, Red Apple, Golden Hammer etc)



Alain Couttolenc

Company: The Nielsen Company

Position: Senior Vice President, Managing Director Watch Europe

Alain Couttolenc, Managing Director, Nielsen Watch Europe, leads the Media business in Europe. In his role, Alain leads TV, Digital, media Planning strategies across 27 countries, as well as the integration with Nielsen’s consumer business.

Prior to this role, Alain led the Product Leadership group in Nielsen Latin America

Alain holds a BA in Econimics by the Universidad Iberoamericana and a Marketing and Strategy Scholars from the Kellogg, Northwestern University

Previous career experiences of note:

  • Nielsen Marketing Director for Mexico (2006-2008)
  • Renault-Nissan group, Marketing manager in France
  • Renault-Nissan Group. Marketing manager for Mexico and central America

Other afiliations:

  • Member of the Executive Committee for the EFFIE Marketing awards.
  • Teacher at la Sorbonne in Paris since 2003
  • Member of the board of directors of Mediametrie/netratings in France
  • Member of the board of the Kellogg Alumni Association in Paris
  • Foreign Trade Advisor to the French Government



Beata Kilkiewicz

Company: IHS Electronics & Media

Position: Advertising Analyst

Beata joined IHS’ Advertising Research team in July 2011. Her research covers Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Scandinavian markets from legacy media to emerging advertising platforms.

She also has particular expertise in multichannel TV advertising strategies. Beata regularly contributes to consultancy projects and research reports, such as the AdEx 2011 Benchmark study and was one of the speakers at the IHS TMT Summit in May 2012. Versed in econometric and statistical modelling techniques, she plays an important role in the development of industry forecasting tools.

Beata graduated top of her class in Mathematical Science at City University London.


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