Щорічна конференція «Телебачення як Бізнес» – це одноденна концентрація медіабізнесу в одному місці. Провідні телевізійні бренди та найкращі медіаспеціалісти в модерованому потоці дискусій говорять про актуальний контент, фінанси, менеджмент та новітні медіатехнології.

Speaker services Роздрукувати Роздрукувати

Thank you for your willingness to share your time, knowledge, and resources with the participants of Television as Business conference.

We are grateful for your participation and want to ensure that your time at Television as Business conference is both pleasant and enjoyable.

The following information and services will help you prepare for your presentation:


  • Does Television as Business conference reimburse my travel as a Speaker?

No. Speakers are responsible for their own expenses, to include hotel, meals, travel and ground transportation.


  • Who attends the Conference Program?

Top managers, media experts, analysts, TV and internet communication specialists, representing TV-channels, advertising agencies, advertisers.


  • What are the technical specifications for my presentasion?

It will be usual presentation. More information can be found on info for speakers page.


  • Can I get a template for the presentation?

Yes. In order to get a presentation template, go to the Info for speakers page and you can download it.


  • Will my Session be recorded and if so can I get a copy?

All sessions will be AUDIO recorded. Please contact to get the audio record of your presentation by e-mail.


  • How can I spread the word about my presentation?

The conference has a page on Facebook. You can also use the hashtag #TVCONF

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